Café Communities

Café Communities

Three communities unite in a Teen Science Café; Teen Leaders, Adult Leaders, and STEM Experts. These communities work together so teens can explore STEM topics through dynamic conversations and hands-on activities that dive deep into a subject.

Teen Leaders 

Teens are the backbone of cafés and take on significant duties.

Several of these duties include;

* Choosing café topics
* Finding experts for the topic
* Working with experts to create an activity
* Providing host duties at cafés
* Recruiting peers by public speaking and marketing
* Creating café write-ups for the Network

An intersectional youth and an adult hold a snake together

Adult Leaders

Adult Leaders ensure that cafés are designed to be for and by teens.

Some of the ways that they help teens accomplish this are;

* Ensuring teens gain leadership opportunities
* Providing info, resources, and framing work
* Offering encouragement, praise, and constructive criticism
* Maintaining the continuity of the venue and ensuring funding

They also keep up with other Adult Leaders by;

* Attending learning and networking events
* Creating Member Spotlights for the network website

Find out how to become an Adult Leader. 

STEM Experts

STEM experts humanize science and show teens the numerous pathways within STEM from a personal perspective.

STEM experts do this by;

* Sharing foundation-forming stories
* Introducing and explaining a STEM topic
* Facilitating hands-on activities

STEM experts who participate in cafés reflect favorably on their time.