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21C Science Café (Concord)

21C Science Café (Concord)

, Alabama

Concord High School 21C Afterschool program

Cafe Leaders
Susan Farrelly, Site Coordinator
Cathy Kaplan, Café Coordinator-Mentor
Sara Pratt, Café Coordinator-Mentor

Coming in 2017!

We are working to have the design of the group to be student driven.

Adult facilitators will be holding several teen meetings culminating in our first cafe. The purpose of the pre-cafes is to explain the concept, get teens on board and begin seeing which teens will emerge as our teen leaders. During the initial meetings students may break into small groups and brainstorm issues close to them, issues they are curious about, and issues they hear in the media, etc. They will be asked to break into leadership groups: marketing, community speaker outreach, facilitating, etc. Our program will be open to all teens that we serve.

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