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HMS Teen Science Café (Mt. Laurel)

HMS Teen Science Café (Mt. Laurel)

Mount Laurel
, New Jersey

T.E. Harrington Middle School

Cafe Leaders
Maureen Barrett, Adult Leader

We believe that the Teen Science Café is the best way to connect students with the leaders of today in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. These STEM professionals will inspire students to become the leaders of tomorrow, and the café provides them with the opportunity to do so.

The students are given the chance to learn about a variety of STEM careers, from cardiology to the fundamentals of robotics. A teen café allows us to have science and engineering professionals working with our teens in more extensive hands-on than is possible in a classroom visit. What’s interesting about the Teen Science Café events is that not only have the participants learned about STEM in the real world, they have learned to become leaders themselves. Our Teen Science Café leaders have been instrumental in making our café events a success!

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