CA – DSHS Women in STEM (Davis)

Lead Institution: Davis Senior High School , Davis, California

We will be hosting various scientific researchers from the University of California Davis. Held at Davis Senior High School during lunch for any teens to attend. We focus on inviting female speakers to share their experience as women in STEM.  Free refreshments served!

Please get in touch if you would like to support our science outreach efforts!

Past Cafés


11/29  Dr Jesus Velazquez, UC Davis chemist. “Generating sustainable fuels like plants do”  sustainable fuel.


1/24  Dr Mariana Barboza-Gardener. UC Davis professor. “The science of sugars and how they play in biological processes”.

10/12  Katelyn Jarvis, grad student at UCD in applied mathematics, president of the American Women in Mathematics, research: muscle contraction at the molecular level using mathematical modeling. “The mathematics behind muscle contractions”

10/26 Dr. Pamela Ronald, UCDavis professor, genetics, gene modification. “The importance of Gene Modification and GMOs”. Brought in a sample of isolated DNA.

11/2 Dr. Emilie Roncali, UCD researcher, bio medical engineering, researches the design of detectors for PET, cancer detection.

11/9 Dr. Qiming Jin, a senior scientist for Novozymes, a biotechnology company in Davis which uses enzymes for product development

11/30 Sommer Johansen grad student UCD, astrochemistry

12/7 Dr. Debbie Yaver, Novozymes managing director. Brought in a bioreactor from Novozymes.

12/14 Dr. Jared Shaw, UCD prof/chair of chem dept, reaction development of natural products. Brought in a sample of natural vanilla plant


1/11, 1/18, 2/1 January programming workshops hosted by American Women in Math. Led by president Katelyn Jarvis, who gave a talk on 10/12. Teaching basic python and R.

2/22 Dr. Tonya Kuhl, professor in biomedical engineering. “Interfaces are where stuff happens”.

3/8 Dr. Nina Amenta, prof and chair of CS dept at UCD. Gender gap of women in sci, web programming.

3/22 Dr. Jessica Koehne, lead scientist at NASA. nanotechnology and electrochemistry to make biosensors for space research.


Date first café held: October 29, 2017

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