AK – Colors of Nature Science Café (Fairbanks)

Café Website: http://www.colorsofnature.org/science-cafes/

Lead Institution: University of Alaska Fairbanks, Fairbanks, Alaska


The Colors of Nature cafés feature scientists that work at the interface of art and science. These cafés are offered under the larger umbrella of the Colors of Nature Project, an NSF-funded effort to illustrate the overlap between science and art, and to draw girls to science careers. Cafés are offered to the general public, but Girls that participate in the Colors of Nature Summer Academies will have a leadership role in these events.  This café is currently on pause. We hope to restart in future. If you are in Fairbanks and would like to collaborate, please get in touch!




First Teen Science Café held: 2013 through spring 2015.

Member contributions to TeenScienceCafe.org:

  • Member Spotlight: Laura Conner – Alaska café explores the intersections of biology, optics, and art through programming for girls, specifically, but also for the broader public. (5/2015)



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