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Lead Institution: STEM Kids NYC, New York, New York

The HarleNYHarlemTeenSteamClub FB screenshotm Teen STEAM Club will provide an atmosphere for exploring concepts related to youth engagement in the STEAM fields and will offer a series of forums and programs that will not only expose teens between the ages of 13-17 to professionals, gurus, and mentors in the STEAM fields, but also enable the participants to develop leadership, technical, job readiness, and critical thinking skills using a format that has been developed by a group of teen leaders and the Teen Advisor.


Member contributions to TeenScienceCafe.org:

  • Resources for session given at 2016 TSCN Members’ Workshop:
  1. Why Partnerships Matter and How to Make Them Work (presentation slides).
  2. Building Cultural Relevance Into a Teen Science Café Program (notes).
  3. Generating Cultural Compatibilities Through Amended Pedagogy & Curriculum: An Excerpt   The word culture is not simply relegated to the ethnic class of an individual; rather, culture also encompasses the societal aspects of a community. Cultural relevance becomes more than simply about race or class, but about an all encompassing community relevance that supports the growth and progress of those who are a part of that community and its culture. Cultural relevance, when steeped in a STEM program located in an urban setting that is inhabited by those who are of the marginalized class will promote interest in STEM fields and activities, as well as help to generate within participants a STEM identity that enables them to know that they can.


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NY – Harlem Teen STEAM Club

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