KY – KGSC Science Café (Lexington)

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Lead Institution: KY Girls STEM Collaborative - University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky

Our KGSC Teen Board will host a series of “STEMinars” by and for high school students following the model developed by the TSCNetwork. Lexington area teens are invited to the campus of University of Kentucky for a series of STEM seminars followed by peer discussion beginning Spring 2017. The KGSC Sci. Cafes will be structured to promote lively conversation and interaction between teens and the presenter, where the environment lends itself to hands on, small group activities.

Cafe Info

KY – KGSC Science Café

University of Kentucky
Lexington, Kentucky 40506
The Kentucky Girls STEM Collaborative Project
Rosemary Fama Cafe Facilitator and KGSC Programs Manager Contact Site
Czarena Crofcheck Advisor for KGSC and Teen Board Contact Site
Kimberly Haverkos Advisor for KGSC and Teen Board Contact Site