KY – Northern Kentucky University Health Science Café

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Lead Institution: Northern Kentucky University's Institute for Health Innovation, Highland Heights, Kentucky

The Health Science Cafe at Northern Kentucky University focuses on health science and health careers. Offered through the Institute for Health Innovation, the cafe will support its goals to improve population health in Kentucky and connect students to health career opportunities.

We have two cafés operating under the umbrella of the NKU Health Science Café:

1.       Gallatin County High School Café, 70 Wildcat Circle, Warsaw, KY

2.       Newport Café, Newport High School & Mentoring Plus, 900 E 6th St, Newport, KY 

Please get in touch if you or a high school-aged teen you know would like to get involved!

Date first café held: March 5, 2019

Upcoming cafes: 

  • Nursing
    • October 15, Gallatin County High School
    • October 23, Newport High School
  • Effects of Alcohol and Marijuana Use on Development
    • November 20, Newport High School
    • November 21, Gallatin County High School

Member contributions to stay tuned!

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