NM – SFIS Café Scientifique (Santa Fe Indian School)

Café Website: http://cafenm.org/

Lead Institution: Café Scientifique New Mexico, Santa Fe, New Mexico

SFIS Café Scientifique will be held at the Santa Fe Indian School (Humanities commons room-116) and will provide students with an array of presenters from our rich state of NM and several who specifically focus on indigenous concepts. Students will explore topics in science and technology and engage with the presenters in hands-on activities.

Please get in touch if you are a local STEM professional, teen, parent of teens, or local business or organization interested in getting involved with this new branch of the Café Scientifique program.


Santa Fe Indian School-Humanities common room 116

Please refer to our school map to locate the Humanities building.  You will also need to pass through our security check point and obtain a printed badge to come onto the campus.  Simply show the security guard your driver’s license and they will issue you a pass.  Save the printed pass for future cafes.



Santa Fe Alliance for Science: https://www.sfafs.org/

Santa Fe Alliance for Science

Member contributions to TeenScienceCafe.org:

Cool Cafés: Natural Disasters: Forest Fires and Fighting them with Sim Tables (2/2019)

Spotlight: Kate Sallah (2/2018)

Interview with Olivia Carril: NM Native Bees with student Mario Abeyta-Ayala

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