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Lead Institution: Sanford PROMISE K-12 Science Exploration at Sanford Research, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

The Sanford PROMISE Teen Science Café’s mission is to expose teens in southeastern South Dakota to the latest and greatest innovations in science and technology. Organized by high school students, our group is for students in the Sioux Falls area who share an interest in science.  Contact us at or 605.312.6031 for information or to join us at our next café!

Schedule for the 2021-2022 School Year

September 7th- @Sanford Research

“How Your Brain Tricks You”  Guest Speaker: Brandon Whipple, Sanford Research

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October 5th- Virtual

November 2nd – @Sanford Research

December 7th – Virtual

January 4th- @Sanford Research

February 1st- Virtual

March 1st – @Sanford Research

April 5th- Virtual

May 3rd- @Sanford Research


Date first café held: Pilot 4/25/2018: Celebrate DNA Day! Speaker: Dr. Jose Gonzalez, SDSU Plant Genetics & Genomics


Teen Science Café adult coordinator: Louisa Otto- Senior research education programs specialist with Sanford PROMISE.

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