VT – VTeen 4-H Science Pathways Cafe (UVM Extension 4-H)

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Lead Institution: University of Vermont Extension, 4-H program, Burlington, Vermont

We are hosting our first cafe on February 3, 2018! Check it out at https://go.uvm.edu/feb3teensciencecafe and we have two more planned for March 24 and April 28. Stay tuned!

Member contributions to TeenScienceCafe.org:

Cool Café: When Will I Know My Results? Medical Diagnosis (12/2019)

Cool Café: Pathology: Cancer Treatment Discovery! Form Fits Function (10/2019)

Cool Café: Between a Rock and a Soil Place (10/2019)

Cool Café: All in the Genes (5/2019)

Spotlight: Lauren Traister (2/2019)

Cool Café: How Energy Storage Works and Why it Matters (2/2019)

Cool Café: Location Matters: The Power of GIS and Maps in Decision-Making (11/2018)

Cool Café: What’s Buzzing in Entemology? (11/2018)

Cool Café: The Science of Stress (10/2018)

Cool Café: Microplastics in Lake Champlain (09/2018)

Cool Café: Proteins: It’s Not Just For Dinner! (4/2018)
Cool Café: Astrobiology:Life Among the Stars (3/2018)
Video: Inaugural UVM Extension 4-H Science Pathways Café on Across the Fence (3/2018)

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VT – VTeen 4-H Science Pathways Café (UVM Extension 4-H)

University of Vermont
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University of Vermont Extension, 4-H program
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