WI – Discovery Teen Science Café (Madison)

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Lead Institution: Morgridge Institute for Research, Madison, Wisconsin

Our program will be a live event held in a casual environment, such as in a coffee shop or at a library. Each event would be organized by a group of teen leaders and would feature a conversation and hands on activities with a scientist about a topic. The cafe will be coordinated by Morgridge Institute employees, however we will work closely with our partners at the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation and UW Madison.

If you are a professional in a STEM field who might like to present, or a teen who would like to check out a café or maybe even become part of our teen organizing group for the cafés, please get in touch!

Date first café held: May 2018
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Café Summary: Engaging In Environmental Science (7/2018)

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WI – Discovery Teen Science Café (Madison)

330 N. Orchard St.
Madison, Wisconsin 53715
Morgridge Institute for Research
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