Can You Capture a Flash of Dash? The Wonders of High-Speed Cameras

Liam Claus
Sandia National Laboratories
Café Scientifique New Mexico-Rio Rancho


What can you discover with a high-speed camera? From settling horse-racing bets to the ballistics of a bullet shattering glass, Liam Claus wowed the crowd with the applications of high-speed cameras. He became serious as he talked about the use of his cameras in military research, but juxtaposed this with a slow-motion video of gamboling kittens.


Teens conduct lighting experiments


Hands on Activity

Teens discovered the slow-motion wonder of a water balloon popping, a craft stick splintering in half, and a small sparks of a lighter igniting. After playing with the Phantom high speed camera, Liam prompted the teens to pull out their own high-speed cameras from their back pockets. Cell phones flashed as teens took videos of colored water and oil bouncing and rolling on wax paper and the dispersal of cornstarch when heavy bearing was thrown in the midst.