Computer Hacking Fundamentals

Neale Pickett
Los Alamos National Laboratory
SFIS Cafe Scientifique


Tonight’s cafe was a success. Our guest speaker Neale Pickett provided an intriguing and hands-on activity whose sole purpose was on the subject of computer hacking. He talked briefly about his career focus and how he got into this field of work. After a short period of time, he let the students challenge their minds and use their own critical thinking skills to break codes, involving stenography, cryptography, and encryption.  He mentioned he provided this same simulation to adults in the field of computer hacking.-Natasha Crespin (11th grade SFIS)  We even got a news article about this event!

Neale Pickett explains cyber security

Neale Pickett explains cyber security

Hands on Activity

The students worked in pairs to help decode different hidden messages from Neale’s pre-made website. Pickett went around the room lending a helping hand to students to better understand the importance of decoding. It was amazing to see students fixated in front of an artificial screen for educational purposes and enjoying every bit. The students could see the leader board and what challenges teams were conquering. -Natasha Crespin (11th grade SFIS)