Engaging in Environmental Science

Diana Guzman Colon & Gayatri Deshpande
UW Madison
Discovery Teen Science Café


This was Discovery’s first ever café. It was brought together by a few students from a near by high school. Being that this was our first café, and not having anything to model it after in our area, we tried the best we could to just get an event started. It turned out to be an hour long informal event with two researchers from the UW – Madison campus. We held our event at the near by high school and just had a conversation about the researchers’ environmental science studies. We had four students as well as a parent involved in the conversation.


The conversations between the teens and presenters were very surprising. As the lead on this event I thought I would have to direct the conversation from beginning to end. This turned out not to be the case. The presenters began by telling there background and what they are currently investigating and the students were full of questions. Everything was natural and the event had an easy flow. Due to this positive interaction, one of our scientist cancelled their other plans to stay with us a bit longer than she originally planned.


The coolest thing of the café outside of it being the first one, was how comfortable everyone was. No one was shy to get more food or to ask “silly questions’. There was a student that came in basically at the end but still emerged him self into the conversation.

Hands on Activity

There was no hands on activity. We had just a simple conversation getting to know each other.