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Researching SC Herpetology

Researching SC Herpetology

An intersectional youth and an adult hold a snake togetherI learned so much from our Teen Science Cafe on Herpetology, and it inspired me to research more on my own! Our speakers were so knowledgeable on the subject and had infectious personalities to share with the group. I never knew that the water snakes in my region of South Carolina were non-venomous or that the saying “red touch black, friend of Jack, red touch yellow, kill a fellow”, regarding snake safety, was accurate until this cafe. One of our speakers, Mr. Crotts is also an illustrator, and brought in his journals of wildlife sketches to look through, which made me more curious about continuing learning about the subject. Thanks to this Teen Science Cafe, I think I have found my dream job!





Youth in a green hoodie holding a snake.A group of intersectional youth crowded around a desk in a classroom looking at an adult holding a snake.










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