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New Jersey Hosts First Teen Science Café

New Jersey Hosts First Teen Science Café

FirstCafePictureOn December 21st, Harrison Middle School from Mt. Laurel, New Jersey had our very first Teen Science Café event! There were many decorations, lots to learn, and a large group of teens to meet the guest speaker, Mr. Vince Capone from Black Laser Learning. Teen participants enjoyed the snacks and eagerly awaited to hear Mr. Capone talk about his knowledge of marine technology and share some of his experiences. Mr. Capone gave attendees an inside look at marine technology through the use of engaging videos and a thought-provoking presentation.

The teens learned about his career field and also learned some basic marine concepts. A highlight of his presentation was the video he shared showing the Apollo- F1 engine recovery that his team recovered for the founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos. We were shown part of the documentary about the recovery and some of the CNN news report on the mission. The discussion and Q&A that followed were lively, with the Teen Science Café participants wanting to know more about his line of work and experiences. Mr. Capone left the students with one important line of advice:

“Dream what you dare to dream, be what you dare to be, and live!”

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