”Radon: Find It, Fix It, Save a Life!”

Ms. Leslie Coolidge, Coordinator for the SC Radon Program under DHEC Air Quality Division
SC Radon Program, DHEC Air Quality Division
SC-York County Teen Science Cafe


Oct. 21, 2021 “Radon: Find It, Fix It, Save a Life!”
We had 12 participants on Zoom. “I thought this month’s Cafe was very interesting. I liked how Ms. Coolidge involved the students and her audience in the presentation by using pretest polls and post test polls. Also, I thought it was neat that it also taught safety.” Radon helpline: 1-800-768-0362

“Radon Gas is something invisible, odorless and yet it causes more lung cancer, after smoking, then any other environmental toxin. Why? We learned it is in the soil and breaks down from uranium containing rocks. It then seeps out of the soil into the air as a gas and into basements and crawl spaces, where it can become hazardous to the humans and animals that live there. Mrs. Coolidge did an excellent presentation and took lots of questions from the teens that attended. Her graphs and illustrations were colorful and interesting. In only an hour, I learned so much science about Radon Gas! Most importantly, if you are 18 years old or older, you can get a free test kit in many states, including SC. I am now sharing that information with my family and friends! We can save lives! This was definitely a Cool Café!” –Susan

Hands on Activity

We were completely online with Zoom but we did participate in a pretest poll to see how mu

ch we knew about Radon. It was pretty obvious that we didn’t know much from the poll results, which were shared as anonymous results with the whole Zoom group. At the end we did a post test of the same questions and everyone was happy to see that we had an almost perfect score after the Radon Gas conversation with Ms. Coolidge. We felt as a group that we learned a lot of new information. It really was a cool cafe!