Scuba Diving Into NC History

Gregory Stratton and Jeremy Borrelli
NCDCNR - Underwater Archaeology Branch
Teen Science Café Whiteville


Silhouette of Young Man Scuba Diver between Water Surface and Sea Bottom

The February 2017 Teen Science Cafe Whiteville featured Gregory Stratton, the Archaeological Dive Supervisor and Dive Safety Officer tor NCDCNR Underwater Archaeology Branch, and Jeremy Borrelli, the Staff Archaeologist for Queen Anne’s Revenge (QAR) Conservation Laboratory.
link for archived live videos of this Cafe: Scuba Diving into NC History

Mr. Stratton spoke about the basics of scuba diving and told us about some of his numerous diving adventures all over the world. He then described the work that goes into excavating an underwater archaeological site and the process that he has assisted with in the excavation and mapping of the blockade runner the Condor just offshore near Fort Fisher NC, where a dive park is scheduled to open in May 2017. He brought a pocketknife and scissors excavated from a ship in Greece we were able to try to draw on an underwater slate, and some of his scuba gear for participants to try on.

Mr. Borrelli enlightend us about some very interesting history regarding Blackbeard and how items are recorded and restored at the QAR Conservation Lab once excavated from the QAR, one of this notorious pirate’s ships. He brought a plate and lead hull patch from QAR and also shared some of the wonderful diving adventures he and Greg Stratton have been involved in during their training and professional friendship.

All in all this was a great presentation and we were happy these gentlemen were willing and able to come and share their expertise and enthusiasm for ‘Scuba Diving into NC History’!

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