Shark Dissection

Bryan Frazier
Department of Natural Resources
South Carolina Aquarium Teen Science Café: Shark Dissection with a Biologist


The South Carolina Aquarium Teen Science Café held a café all about SHARKS! Using jaws, teeth, specimens, and real sharks, Biologist Bryan Frazier from the Department of Natural Resources, talked about his career work with sharks’ biology and anatomy. He talked the research that is currently being conducted with sharks. He dissected two Atlantic Sharpnose sharks, one male and one female. The dissection was displayed on the big screen via a go pro and parts of sharks were passed around to the teens so they could get a hands on look at them. After the main dissection, each table received a shark stomach that they could dissect.

Most of the tables received Bonnethead Shark stomachs and some teens found whole blue crabs! Afterwards, the teens were encouraged to come up and ask Bryan questions and get more hands on with the sharks and props. A lot of teens asked questions about the sharks and how they can get more involved in the Aquarium. The coolest part of this café might have been the baby sharks we found in the uterus of the female Atlantic Sharpnose shark!

Hands on Activity

Each teen got to hold parts of the Atlantic Sharpnose shark in their hands, including their oily filled liver. They also each got to dissect a shark stomach and find out what it’s been eating! They got to touch shark teeth, jaws, and skulls.