Cool Cafe

STEAM Café and Cybersecurity


        STEAM Café is a monthly event that engages scholars in informative discussions led by guest speakers. In the recent STEAM Café meeting, Deloitte Infrastructure Engineer, Mckinely Hayes discussed cybersecurity and tips to keep ourselves safe on the internet.

           The meeting started off with a great lunch, then the discussion started. The conversation started with Mr. Hayes’ brief introduction and he talked about how he made it to Deloitte. Deloitte is a company that specializes in consulting with a focus on cybersecurity. In this discussion, Mr. Haynes talked about ways that businesses protect themselves from cyberattacks and how he protects himself from cyber attacks. Mr. Hayes also explained how it looks to work at Deloitte and he offered internship opportunities at Deloitte for those scholars who want to join. This experience did not disappoint.

           After the main discussion, students from Friendship Tech Prep and Friendship Collegiate Academy merged into 4 groups to compete. The competition was to create a company and explain solutions to as many security issue scenarios as possible. The four scenarios were Current Password Policy, Single Factor Authentication, Software Update Policy, and Wireless Access Policy. The company entitled “Deloitte Juniors” (Group 4) won the competition. Group four had the best idea and solutions to the scenario, while also having the solution to the majority of scenarios as well. This STEAM Café experience was great and I look forward to future meetings. It made me consider a career in cybersecurity.​

Cool Café write up by Jordan Rouse, Teen Leader