The Neuroscience of Toxicity

Chris Curran
Northern Kentucky University
NKU Teen Health Science Cafe


At the Teen Health Science Cafe, we focus on health related topics and our first pick was Neuroscience. Presenter Dr. Chris Curran, of the NKU Neuroscience program, came out to talk about her focus on toxicity. She described neuroscience as a whole field and how our nervous system works.


Hands on Activity

Students got to try a few different activities. First, they were asked to identify toxic substances. Many of the items were everyday household things like ibuprofen or nutmeg, but that in high doses could be toxic. Students then got to observe different brains such as mice brains and models of the human brain. We then did a reaction time activity where students had to catch a yard stick and see how fast they could do it. As a test, students then wore a mask with a peppermint scent to see if their reaction time would be faster (and it was!).