The Science of Making

Andres Barrera Guerrero
Explora Science Center and Children's Museum


This cafe was especially hands-on and entertaining! Andres briefly discussed his background and philosophy on why Making is important and why we should all get into the practice of making and tinkering. We spent most of the cafe practicing our making, engineering and problem solving skills in a robot battle!

Hands on Activity

We used RC cars, craft sticks, safety pins, balloons and glue to create battle cars (with a balloon taped to the top) designed to pop an opponents balloon. We were limited to only ten craft sticks, so we had to decide how to best utilize our limited materials. Some groups focused on offensive strategies, while others invested their resources in defending their balloon. We took our battle cars to the LED-lit battle arena to duke it out. Whoever popped the other’s balloon first was the winner! Teams then improved on their designs and battled again to test their new and improved models.