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Through the Lens of a Mote Photographer

Through the Lens of a Mote Photographer
The photographer for Mote Marine Laboratory came in to talk to teens about photography.
Mote Marine Laboratory Photographer, Conner Goulding

As teenagers, we spend five days a week in school. Every day in school, we spend hours learning languages. We learn English, French, Spanish, Latin, and more ways to better communicate with those around the globe. While language is important (after all, this post itself is using language), there’s a universal language that everyone around the globe can understand. For once, the answer is not Math. This language is EMOTION. Emotion transcends through the world, no matter what language one speaks.

Thus, art becomes a medium of emotion; and, as a branch, photography connects with us. That’s what made this Florida Teen Science Café stand out.

Gathering at Selby Public Library in Sarasoto on January 31st, teens learned about photography from Conor Goulding. The friendly Conor Goulding discussed how he uses photography at his job at Mote Marine Laboratory. Teens joined to hear the talk (and eat pizza) while Conor did his presentation. He went over some basic technical aspects of photography, but mostly spent time going over how he enjoyed and used photography in his job and the impact he hopes it has on it’s viewers. He displayed some of the many photos he had taken, ranging from alligators to turtles to scuba diving.

Teens then concluded the session with questions for Conor, ranging from technical aspects to whether he had seen a whale.

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