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Making the Design Principles Concrete: A Reflection Tool for Teen Science Café Leaders

29 Nov 2022 - 29 Nov 2022
3:00PM - 4:00PM
You know the six Core Design Principles of Teen Science Cafés.  But what do those principles really look like on-the-ground with many program sites around the country?  Join us to learn about a new tool for the TSCN that offers adult leaders a structured way to reflect on our practice.
In this webinar and discussion session, our research team (Jessica Sickler & Michelle Lentzner) will share a new tool to help adult leaders document the ways their program embodies each of the Core Design Principles, with a structure to reflect on each element one-by-one.  Developed directly from the experience and words of adult leaders in the network, this tool offers concrete examples of what those principles look like out in the real world.
We’ll share information about what we’ve learned from TSC leaders testing this tool so far, and how we plan to distribute and use it with the Network going forward.  Whether you are a member of the TSCN or just curious to learn more about its Core Design Principles, join us!

When: Tuesday, November 29 at 3:00 p.m. EST

Register Here: https://bit.ly/tscn-webinar

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