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Computer Science Immersion

10/07/2020 | 3:30 pm - 4:45 pm EDT

The world we live in has become a digital one, filled with technology and driven by Computer Science. Software and technology have transformed every subject and job area, from science and medicine, to art history and psychology. Digital technology is ubiquitous. To be informed and empowered citizens, the next generation of students need to understand this digital world that they live in. This is why computer science and computational thinking has been called the ‘21st Century Skill Set’, and is important for everyone to learn. Join Lisa Dion as she explains the development of Computer Science in the K-12 curriculum, where it stands now, and how she expects it will expand in the future. She will demonstrate activities that use computer science and computational thinking as tools to engage students in materials that span many fields and interests.


ABOUT OUR SPEAKER: Lisa Dion has been teaching in the Computer Science department at UVM for four years. She is a member of the team that has developed UVM’s CS Education program. She has also written a textbook with a colleague in UVM’s Education department that is aimed to show middle and high school teachers how and why to include computational thinking in their classes.

What is a Virtual Teen Science Café? It is a free, fun way for teens to explore science, engineering and technology with local scientists, engineers and technology experts. Teens will “meet a scientist”, learn about their work, and be able to participate in informal discussions.




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