10 Ways TSCN’s Asset Map will Influence your Teen Science Café

The Teen Science Café Network (TSCN) is seeking adult leader participation in our network-wide survey, which is designed to gather information about adult leaders and their café sites. TSCN will use survey responses to create a visual, interactive map displaying adult leader skill sets to share & improve, technology used, and community partnerships. Future versions of the map will include geographic locations of sites and network connections.


Here’s 10 ways your teen science café program will be influenced by this project, since you’ll be able to:


(1) See how the café site you lead belongs and contributes to the larger, international Teen Science Café Network, comprised of more than 130 sites (and counting!) around the U.S. and Canada;

(2) Participate in a community of practice that’s guided by Network wide trends emerging on the map;

(3) View your peer’s café websites and/or social media pages to see how they are engaging and promoting their events online;

(4) Understand the types of partnerships café sites maintain or wish to develop in order to advance informal, science education in their communities;

(5) Network with adult leaders who guide cafés housed in similar host organizations, such as colleges, museums, science centers, or aquariums—just to name a few;

(6) Advance your skill sets by sharing knowledge within the Network by facilitating a webinar on fundraising, writing a diversity focused blog post, or contributing to a micro-learning story on recruiting scientists via social media;

(7) Learn from adult leaders who host their programs in a similar community setting, such as rural, suburban, and metropolitan areas;

(8) Receive improved communications from the Teen Science Café Network in the form of newsletter articles, website content, and written resources;

(9) Gain insights from adult leaders who are already hosting virtual cafés and identify virtual café best practices;

(10) Expand the technology you use at your café to increase collaboration, accessibility, and efficiency.