Revealing Café Videos

We are often asked by new Members, what does a teen science café look like? What is the ambiance? What happens at a café? And, do you have any revealing café videos I can watch? We’ve come up with a way to give you a look inside Teen Science Cafés.

Typically, a video of a teen café from start to finish is not very interesting. We don’t have TED talk quality equipment, lighting, stages and nice acoustics in our sites. It is hard to catch all the nuances in a big room of moving people. But, cafés have a friendly casual ambiance; they include ice breakers, introductions of presenters, a short presentation followed by Q&A and some type of engaging activity. They are informal, sometimes noisy, always fun and lightly scripted. We often have teens interview the presenter after their dry run or formal presentation to capture content for our videos.

Below we have several short videos that begin to capture the essence of a teen café.

The first is a promotional video we share on social media. If you have some talented teen leaders with interest, they can do this in 2 hours – one for gathering the video and one for piecing the video together with standard software on most computers.

Café Promo


The second is video from a dry run by artist Agnes Chavez and the voice over came from an interview after the dry run.

Café Preview

The third video was created by a professional at the University of New Mexico as a promotional video for their department. It captures segments of a live café on the Evolution of the Zombie brain. The presenter explained the neurobiological changes that happen to the zombie brain that produce typical zombie behavior. The professional interviewed the presenter after the program. This revealing café video offers a look inside a Teen Science Café.

During a Café

Our post café video is done informally after a teen café. You can hear the background noise made by teen leaders as they clean up the venue. One of the teen leaders is interviewing Agnes Chavez with ad lib questions. Stories of how and when people discover their passion are one of the teens’ top rated elements of teen cafes.

Post Café

For more videos, visit our Teen Science Café YouTube channel. If you’d like to add any videos to our YouTube channel or social media sites, please contact us: