Cool Science Tricks

Water_drop_001Science cafés are social events designed to bring teens together to explore new science ideas in fun and intriguing ways. As the teens gather, there can be a lull in anticipation for the program to begin. But, it does not need to be this way.


As the teens are gathering they can also be engaged in cool science tricks. Everyone loves magic and these activities certainly give the appearance that liquids have some pretty magical properties. Combinations of different density, viscosity, color, and level of opaqueness of a liquid with light can result in very delightful and puzzling behaviors of liquids. As the teens try to replicate the activities, they can be challenged to explain the science behind the liquid behaviors that they see.


After welcoming teens to the Café program and, of course, inviting them to get some refreshments, a table with materials for one or more of these science tricks will keep them engaged, intrigued and interacting with their peers in the time before the presentation begins.


If you have ideas of other science tricks or activities that get the teens out of their seats and interacting with one another prior to the Café presentation, share them with us in a blog.

A search for “cool science tricks” will lead you to many more ideas for easy science tricks and experiments for your café.