Tell us Your Café Story


Each Teen Café event is unique in its own way and contains a kernel of a lesson learned. There is a story that goes with each of them, and we would like for those stories to not get lost. We would like to be able to post them for others to see, get a new perspective on Teen Cafés, and be inspired.


So we encourage Members to create blog posts for at least some of their most notable—or even all—Cafés during the season. Such blog posts should consist of three parts:

1. A narrative description of the Café in about 250 words. This need not include all the details of a given Café in the blog post, but just enough words to capture the essence of the experience and whatever particularly interesting or exciting features or lessons learned were involved.

You could refer to whatever is special about your node’s program. You can highlight any particularly successful activities you carried out. You could feature some exemplary performance by your youth leaders or your presenters. It might well be interesting to describe variations in Cafés on the same topic at different sites. It’s for you to choose whatever you feel is most interesting or innovative (or problematical!) about a given Café.

2. The Narrative on the Café will be followed by another narrative on the hands-on activities associated with the Café, highlighting those that were particularly successful with the kids and why. It would be no more than ~250 words.

3. Include links to any media files associated with the Café, like video or podcast, handouts associated with a hands-on activity, presentation  slides, photo collections, etc. These can be inserted into the narratives or added as a resource list at the end of the post. If the media resources are on your server, a link to them will suffice. If they are not available online, we would like to put them in our Resources library, with appropriate credits to the authors. We will place the hands-on and media files within the Resources section of the TSCN website, where they will be fully searchable.

A template for this kind of blog post, filled out for one of Café Scientifique’s Cafés, can be found at

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