The Power of Video: Seeing is Believing

Have you ever been on Facebook when suddenly a video about an adorable cat getting itself in all kinds of crazy situations automatically starts? And then yet another video begins, this one showing the cutest kids singing off key to a popular Disney song…and you couldn’t help but smile and keep watching… Before you even notice, you’ve unintentionally watched five videos.22545130631_590dbb720f_z

Grabbing someone’s attention with a video is a great way to get your message out. The majority of teens won’t read something that will take 30 seconds, but will watch a video for 30 seconds before deciding if they want to continue or move on.

There is a brand-new YouTube channel for the Teen Science Café Network, and we need your help filling it with content. New members always ask for videos to show them what a teen science café is like. Reading is good, but seeing is believing, as the old saying goes.

We would like to assemble a collection of videos highlighting everything about your Café—from the presenters to the teens, and everything in between. We are looking for videos showing what happens at your café: how the teens interact with the presenters and each other, who attends the cafés, what a hands-on activity might look like. Is there something you’d like to share across the network?

Here are links to a few videos we have up now.

1. White Hat Hacking is a post café video capturing the presenters feelings:

2. Art Meets Science is a brief intro to the café and lets you get to know presenter:

3. Art Meets Science 60 is a “Hype” video. It’s intention is to plant the seed of the upcoming café in an entertaining and fun way:

This is a great opportunity for your teen leaders to express their creative side in developing a story board and assembling the elements that tell the story about your Café. All you need is a camera phone to capture video. iPhones and iPads have a free program to edit video. If you’d like to get started and get those videos up, need help, or have any questions, please email RJ Montaño at rj at scieds dot com