Windstorm Impact, Science & Engineering (WISE) Research @ LSU

Dr. Aly Moussad Aly
LSU Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Windstorm Impact, Science & Engineering (WISE) Research @ LSU


T.E.A.M. Science Café hosted its first event on November 29, 2018 at the Carver Library in Baton Rouge. Our teen leadership team from LSU EnvironMentors hosted teens from the Front Yard Bikes Program. Front Yard Bikes is a community bike shop that teaches and develops skills in mathematics, physics, and mechanics, while promoting inclusivity, mentorship, recreation and academic achievement one bike at a time.

This café featured Dr. Aly Mousaad Aly, LSU Engineering Professor. First, Dr. Aly discussed with our teens how engineers solve complex problems in our world. Dr. Aly then provided stunning images and videos that illustrated how he develops building designs which are more resistant to severe storms.

Later, leadership team members guided small groups in a tower design challenge. Each group received common crafting materials such as Popsicle sticks, string, tape, pipe cleaners, and straws. Their goal was to construct a tall tower able to support a small ball. The strength of their design was put to the test as a fan was used to simulate hurricane force winds. Teens timed how long their tower withstood the wind to see who had the best design. Finally, Dr. Aly provided feedback on the basic design choices that each group made and even showed how small changes could have made a large impact on their tower’s fate.

Hands on Activity

Building for Hurricanes Engineering Design Challenge: