Reply To: Getting the word out

Sean Herberts

I know that the teens at the Cahokia High School site of the Gateway cafes had a “marketing committee” that was responsible for getting the word out. I don’t know if they ended up hanging the posters or if their teachers did, but they did initially develop strategies for flier placement based on high-traffic areas as part of one YLT planning meeting. If you have kids attending from multiple schools, it may also help to identify and send fliers electronically to some enthusiastic STEM teachers and administrators there. Just be sure to make your fliers black/white printer friendly – the schools usually don’t mind printing as long as it doesn’t have to be in color.

Some other ideas:

  • Marketing by having all YLT members wear Teen Cafe shirts for a few days before the event
  • Having YLT members (again, potentially members of a marketing committee) announce the event one week and a few days in a row before the morning announcements at their school
  • Teens in Cahokia hosted a table at lunch advertising the event. Your teens could even give away cheap candy to people who listened to their pitch and walked away with information
  • Having parents of teens attending the cafe provide email or a number to be texted at if they would like to hear about future events. I believe that there are free mass texting services online that do not reveal your phone number – I’d need to look into that again
  • Setting up a raffle or randomly selecting teens that sign up to receive information or “like” your facebook page

I hope that these helped!