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Lawrence Norris

Twitter is already a raging stream of STEM content (and just about everything else). There are already many, many, many hashtags. Since the @TeenSciCafeNet handle already exists, I would encourage each site to create a handle @TeenSciCafe[somelocalidentifier], e.g., @TeenSciCafeArVA (up to the 15 character limit).

I would do the same with Instagram, Snapchat and Tublr.

I would use the graphic artistry of this webpage to create common branding for all these channels, perhaps allowing each site to implement some local variances.

To be sure, while the TSCN can/should have its own branded social media, the students will develop their own ‘underground’ social network where they really talk about what’s on their minds. Nothing we can do about that, and actually that’s not bad.

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