Reply To: Research

Lawrence Norris

Off hand I can think of several research projects. Some of them also fit into an evaluation plan,
and depend on having a robust online learning community
For instance, we could synthesize these ideas,
** Can Personalized Text Messages and Peer Mentor Outreach Increase College Going Among Low-Income High School Graduates?
** SciFair: A multi-user virtual environment for building science literacy
** Fostering Opportunities to Talk About Science
** Fostering Brand Community Through Social Media: A New Relational Framework for Targeting Connected Consumers –
** Informal learning and identity formation in online social networks
to see if we can move the YLTs to be committed STEM learners as exemplified by HS course selection and college majors. They likely were on track for taking advanced HS STEM courses, and maybe being a STEM major anyway. But we can ask what effect they had on their peers. And with an online social network we can study all kinds of phenomena vusing tools of sociophysics

** Origin of Peer Influence in Social Networks
** Social selection and peer influence in an online social network

We can study if and how the TSCN encourages participation is authentic science research with one another cross-site via citizen science
** Fostering Student Metacognition and Motivation in STEM through Citizen Science Programs
** Transcript of #iteachphysics chat on citizen science in the classroom