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Lawrence Norris

So far our YLTs have more or less developed the demos. I have to say, they’ve been pretty good and there were a few times when even I learned something new.

They have had events w/ no speaker all demos, no demos just a speaker, a speaker + demo, and no speaker no demo just a roundtable discussion of different science ideas.

In the cases with demos the YLTs conducted them for their peers. Even the time when there was a speaker, the YLT actually introduced the demo and more or less did it for their peers. They did a good job actually. I don’t think the speaker could have explained it any better.

We (the adults) do go through short safety brief with the YLT. The teens came up with demo ideas that involved LN2 and solid CO2, so we had to pass that plan by building management. Not a big deal, but we do really emphasize experimental safety, not so much for the specifics of any demo, but as a work habit of professional scientists, Although it turns out that you have to be >18 to even purchase solid CO2, and they went through ~35L of LN2. Even moving the Dewar could have resulted in some little fingers or toes getting smooshed.

I know for the spring they have some good demos planned with their peers, one with a track team, and they have something in experimental acoustics going with a band of some sort. Kids from the YLT + a school band (not sure if it’s THE school band) + the vocational students in sound engineering are all in that one. It’s actually a very clever outreach tactic of theirs. Can’t wait to see how their experimental concert turns out. Should be a hoot.