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Michelle Hall

Thanks for sharing the info on #scistuchat on twitter. I went and looked at the stream from the last chat and it is very interesting. I suppose it must be a fast moving conversation to keep up with. But, it does show another dimension of how we could do virtual cafes and create virtual communities among teen cafe sites and within sites.

Maybe we can get a group of teens and adults to join the chat next month. I found a page that indicated when the next one was to be held, but I lost the link. Do you know the time? The date is Feb 12.

As for your comment about Twitter having lots of science information, that is very true to my experience. But, so far, we have found very few teens in those chats. Maybe I just missed them. Today I came across a teen who wants to be an astronaut but I think that is the first teen I have see that is talking about science on twitter.