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Michelle HallMichelle Hall

WE developed a list of types of businesses and government agencies that are common in most locations that could have a STEM professional who could engage teens in the issues and forefront topics of their field. I will look around to find it.

Forensics, mortuary, sewage treatment, power generation, utilities management, civil engineering, someone from the county extension service, garden clubs, computer clubs, etc. I have always wanted to get some of my ultra runner friends who run 100 miles to talk about the physiology of the body when doing such extended extreme exercise.

While we think of experts as those in academic or other research areas, there are many folks who are doing regular jobs using STEM.

Accounting, economics, marketing, actuary science, veterinary, ISP, computer repair shops, auto mechanics working on 21st century cars, weather service, local radio stations, ham operators, local astronomy club. The science and engineering of of digital cameras, phones, and all the other tech kids use.

Because these are so practical and part of a teen’s life – they also can get kids attention.