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Lawrence Norris

Teens love Vine.

Kids like Instagram, but they LOVE Vine. This science-y Vine went super-viral last year,

Vine video are 6 secs or less, and can be done pretty well. They loop continuously to the consumer. And they can be hashtagged. Again kids LOVE Vine.

It is possible to create an RSS feed of Vine videos (i.e., videos posted to Vine) with a particular hashtag, e.g., #teenscicafe or whatever. Then there is a plugin that will automatically include those on a WordPress site, such at on a widget on a page in the site.

Likewise with Instagram. There are at least 2 good plugins where you can take Instagram feeds (say an account for each TSCN node) and post the photos onto a website automatically.

So these things can be used by TSCN network to good end.

Even Snapchat has good marketing and brand placement uses.

It has its detractors for sure Though these arguments could be true for all 3rd-party social networks. Nevertheless I think TSCN could use as a marketing channel without fear of running afoul with any issues.