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Lawrence Norris

An online community of practice, i.e., a blogging community, would be good not only for the teen participants, but also with us, the TSCN adult science educational professionals (which is slightly different than our social media strategy).

An online community for educators built with BuddyPress

I especially think a blogging community, i.e., where we can write extended essays, would be good for the TSCN, especially for those that are not academics and thus have very little incentive to compose and submit a formal paper to a peer-reviewed journal. This is spoken to directly in the NAS report, Learning Science in Informal Environments in conclusions 15 and 17.

And of course there is incredible value in using blogging as pedagogy vis a vis letting students find their cognitive identity and letting them express what they know, or don’t know, in a low-stress, free-form format, finding shared-experience peers, etc. It would great for the TSCN and the teens if we provided them a place where they can have their own blog where they can write about their own science-related experiences and needs, challenges they face, and accomplishments they achieve; where they can exchange ideas, collaborate on projects and learn from each other in a safe, focused online learning community.

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