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Lawrence Norris

Steps to implement online community of practice w/ BuddyPress

1. For us adult leaders, enable Multisite (subfolders) in the current instance of WordPress at

2. For the teens create in the DNS zone a URL of something like and install WP in a separate directory on the server. Enable Multisite (subfolders). Activate the current theme in this new installation for consistency of branding.

3. Install the following plugins: (we can talk about what each one does)
Commons In A Box
Batch Create
Blog ID in Site Admin Menu
BuddyPress Group-O-Matic
BuddyPress Toolbar
Bulk Delete
Enhanced BibliPlug
IM8 Exclude Pages
Jetpack by
Multisite Privacy
Network Switch Button
New Blog Templates
Stop Spammer Registrations Plugin
Ultimate Branding
User Activity
User Spam Remover
WordPress Chat
WPMU DEV Dashboard
WP Super Cache
WPtap Mobile Detector
BuddyPress Community Stats
BuddyPress Like
BuddyPress Wiki Component
Included in CBOX
BP Group Documents
BuddyPress Group-O-Matic Pro
BuddyPress Group Email Subscription
BuddyPress Extended Friendship Request
WP-Toolset – Types
Embed Google Docs
Media Library Category
Media Vault Or WPMU Membership
Network shared media
User Role Editor
ClickMeter Link Shortener and Analytics
Remove Permalinks Menu
BuddyPress Follow
plus a few others to take in Instagram and Vine feeds, and an aggregater of Twitter feeds.

4. Create a Group for each site, also groups for each area of science, plus maybe some other major topics that might emerge, e.g., the various tests they take,i.e., SAT, ACT, AP etc, etc

5. Since we would want each user to be able to access the forum from their own site, some modification to the bbforum code will have to be done. This link tells you how,

6. This is very optional, but I would maintain a synchronized site as a hot-standby on a separate host in case of primary server failure (using or something similar)

What we would have are websites where each adult and separately each child can have the own blog, which they can use as their own workspace. Everyone would be able to see and follow each other as they want. There would interest groups, and forums.

Here are some references for background,

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