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Ann BoesAnn Boes

@Michelle – sounds like a great cafe!

A couple of weeks ago I posted to the forum asking for ideas for the hands-on for our Bionics and Brain Computer Interface cafe. I wanted an activity that would relate more to the brain computer interface than to the bionics side of things. I didn’t come up with anything so we went ahead and did the activity that Gateway TSC had done with this same speaker, building a hand with moving fingers made from index cards, straws, string and tape.

The kids loved it! Most of them didn’t finish by the time our 2 hr cafe ended so we told them they could bring the materials home to finish. I actually told them several times as I kept thinking they hadn’t heard me, because nobody moved. They were having such a great time sitting and talking with each other while building their hands that they stayed late to finish. I think they just really liked spending time together doing a simple project in a relaxed setting.

I was impressed with the design of the hand. I think we’re going to animate them with some servos.

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