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Natanya CivjanNatanya Civjan

Last summer we had 3 team meetings throughout the summer where we discussed leadership and what it means to be a leader, especially in the context of a Cafe. About half the leaders attended any given meeting, while about half were out of town at any given time. Scheduling was difficult. We also had a leadership training day that was planned by and attended by the four sites throughout New Mexico. The teens loved having this day. It was fun and allowed them to meet their peers around the state and realize they are part of an organization bigger than their node. From my perspective, keeping the leaders engaged to some extent over the summer was useful for me (a new adult leader) to get to know the leaders ahead of the more busy Cafe season. Other nodes in NM did not meet during the summer, except the training day, and their leaders also started the season strong and refreshed, and had a great season.