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Lawrence NorrisLawrence Norris

Extra credit is quite an inducement to participate, especially for students that might be struggling or are between grades. I could see it being downright coercive. In my cases, many students have other things going on OST, including jobs and significant sibling-care responsibilities. So it is prejudicial against them to grant grade credit for TSCN participation when they cannot participate.

If an OST activity has an impact on a grade, then the OST activity has to have a mapping onto a standard, especially if the teacher is using standards-based grading.

And if extra credit is available for an OST activity then every student should have that opportunity afforded to them, and that should be disclosed to the entire class/school and parents. Obviously that means administrative buy-in.

High school principals and youth development stakeholders emphasize that while OST activities may be “credit bearing” they should not be considered “credit recovery,” or offer credit to make up for failed fundamental classes. And if we ISE professionals are to be factors in what grades students get, what does that mean for our certification and validation of activities vis a vis curriculum/content, and responsibility for accountability and assessment.

So we should think very carefully about this topic.