Any Members going to Geological Society of America Meeting?

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    Michelle Hall

    Greetings everyone! The Teen Science Cafe Network has been approached by the Geological Society of America to host a lunchtime session on Teen Science Cafes on Monday September 25. They see these as a way for their members to share their knowledge with teens and to entice them to consider the geosciences as a field of study. In the US, less than 20% of high school students take an earth science or geoscience course. Thus, they get to college with no knowledge of the field or career paths.

    I am wondering if there are any members in our network that will be attending the GSA meeting in late September that could help us with our session? Or, if you are in the area, we are happy to pay your one day registration if you would help us with the session. Let me know ASAP.

    Also for folks in Seattle, the GSA conference will be held there next year. We are hoping we can get some teen leaders and adult leaders to help us make a big event there next year.


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