Does anyone do a debrief of teen leaders after a Cafe event?

Showcase Forums Cross Node Research Does anyone do a debrief of teen leaders after a Cafe event?

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    Michelle HallMichelle Hall

    I am wondering if any sites do an informal or formal debriefing of the teen leaders and with the presenter immediately or soon after a teen cafe?

    We use a short comment card after each cafe to get some audience input, but the number of teens that respond is small and useful information is limited. At some sites, the teen leaders will stay a few minutes extra to discuss what went really well and what needs improvement in the implementation, the presentation, hands on, and other elements to share with our other sites that will be hosting the same presenter.

    I am wondering if we could, as a community, develop a simple debriefing document that everyone could use. Doing so, we may be able to see some trends across the network and begin to understand more deeply what is working in our cafes. It could lead to a publication as well.

    I would love to hear from folks who are using some process.

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