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    We are starting to think about our annual TSCN Member Conference for 2017 and would like feedback from you on our ideas. Please share your comments by Replying below for all to see so that we can have a rich discussion.
    Here are our ideas:
    The goals of the 2017 TSCN Annual Conference are:

    • Promote communication and collaboration among members, thus continuing to build a robust community of practice.
    • Build skills and keep up with new technology.
    • Share experiences with others around the Network, in particular with others in similar stages of
    • Learn about new program opportunities and explore ways to deepen the Teen Science Café experience for teens.

    Locations, timing and format:
    Given the ongoing growth of the Network, we feel that an all-hands conference would now have so many attendees as to be unwieldy. So, we envision having three regional workshops this year: a western, a mid-continent, and an eastern. We would identify an easy-to-get-to venue in each region. All three workshops would take place during August; selection of specific dates would have to take account of the end of summer camps and the varying start dates for the school year. Regional workshops would both facilitate travel and allow for a more compressed workshop schedule.
    In each region, attendance would continue to include both experienced members and new members, who have the opportunity to get to know and learn from each other and potentially develop collaborations. We envision that each attendee would drive or fly in on a given morning; there would be an afternoon and a (lively) evening session. The following day would be devoted to workshop sessions from 8:00 to 4:00; then most attendee would be able to fly or drive home that evening.
    For each region, we would identify 5-7 Network members who would help to develop the workshop agenda for their region, soliciting input on priority topics from other members in the region. We would work with these groups to help them develop their plans and achieve a successful workshop.
    We seek your input and questions about this proposed change in our workshop. We also seek your suggestions for lower cost cities and venues that could accommodate our group of 30-40 people at each regional meeting.
    As in the past, we will cover costs of the workshop and travel for 1 person from each site in the region.
    BONUS:We would like to grow and support these regional networks so that members can more easily form connections with other teen science café programs. In an effort to spark growth that would benefit our existing members, we propose to offer $100 reward to any member/person who recruits another organization to start a teen science café. To receive the award, the member would have to first identify the organization and a person within that organization who is interested in starting a teen science cafe. That person would be referred to the National Resource Center and we would work with him or her to explore membership and get started. Once the nominated organization has signed on as a member, the nominating member would receive the award.
    Your comments, ideas and suggestions, please!

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    RJ MontanoRJ Montano

    Here’s the draft on what we are thinking about the regions and possible host sites. We would really love to hear some thoughts from all of our members.

    **DRAFT** 2017 Workshop Regions

    East Coast

    Possible Host Locations:
    • North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, Raleigh, NC;
    • UPenn/Free Library of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA;
    • ? Washington, D.C.
    • Baltimore, MD

    Regional Café Attendees:

    Maine: Augusta, Dexter/Dover, Blue Hill
    New Hampshire: Concord
    Massachusetts: Leominster
    Connecticut: Hartford
    New York: Albany, Harlem, New York City
    New Jersey: New Brunswick, Mt. Laurel
    Pennsylvania: Philadelphia (2 sites)
    Maryland: Linthicum, Rockville
    Virginia: Arlington?
    North Carolina: Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Whiteville, Morehead City, Gastonia
    Florida: Tallahassee, Tampa?, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, Vero Beach, FL


    Possible Host Locations:
    • Chicago, IL
    • St. Louis, MO
    • Dallas, TX

    Regional Café Attendees:
    Minnesota: North Branch
    Michigan: Ypsilanti
    Ohio: Akron
    Illinois: Cahokia, Naperville, DeKalb
    Iowa: Des Moines
    Missouri: St. Louis (2 sites), Farmington
    Arkansas: Pine Bluff
    Texas: Dallas, Waco, Corpus Cristi, Brownsville

    Mountain West
    Possible Host Locations:
    • Tucson, AZ
    • Long Beach, CA
    • Denver, CO

    Regional Café Attendees:
    Montana: Bozeman
    Colorado: Boulder, Ft. Collins, Pueblo, Denver
    New Mexico: Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Taos, Española, Los Alamos,
    Farmington, Las Cruces, Mescalero
    Arizona: Tucson
    Idaho: Boise, Caldwell
    Washington: Seattle
    California: San Diego, Long Beach, San Jose, Santa Rosa

    RJ MontanoRJ Montano

    Hi Anita,

    Thanks for the question. Click here to see the 2016 Workshop agenda with resources and topics.


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