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    Michelle HallMichelle Hall

    I am wondering what resources people are using to get ideas on coaching scientists for communicating about the awesomeness of their work.

    I just came across an old blog I used to follow to get new ideas to help me better communicate what we desire in a teen cafe conversation. The blogs cover many aspects of science communication includin how to motivate and empower scientists to improve their communication skills. Here is the link to the Compass blog (
    An interesting article from July looks at the power of conversation and the need for people to comfortable talking about things that they might not agree with.
    The blog includes this quote which pretty much summarizes one of my main motivations for starting the NM teen cafes:

    “Franz Kafka once said that we should only read books that bite and sting us; social science proves him right. We are much more likely to explore all sides of an issue and carefully reason through alternatives if we have our viewpoints challenged.”

    If interested, check out the blog:

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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