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    Lawrence NorrisLawrence Norris

    In my experience it’s the rare teen that has not used Snapchat. It’s gotten a lot of buzz for its salacious uses, but there institutions using it for noble purposes, http://time.com/36307/snapchat-grows-up-how-college-officials-are-using-the-app/

    But I look at all these tools as channels. Just like TV commercials are likely on many different channels, a modern marketing strategy has to be on multiple channels.

    So we have to be on FB, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Voxer, Yik Yak, Vine et al. There are tools where you can send a msg via these different channels from one interface. So a TSCN intern or strategic comms director can run the program from a central office.

    We can make our own private app, which a kid can make easy enough. We can also think of TSCN TV (via a YouTube channel) and/or TSCN Radio (via a Internet radio station, e.g., http://www.radionomy.com/. In our case we have the schools’ daily news show, which is a cross btwn community access TV, Saturday Night Live, and MacNeil/Lehrer. This draws in students that are not so much into science as they are into communications and broadcast arts.

    So a central comms director can be supported by someone responsible for marketing communications at each site.

    To be sure, social media marketing to teens has some fast moving appendages, but the body sloths along much more slowly. And content is king, no matter what channel we use, we have to have regularly delivered, good content.

    Lawrence NorrisLawrence Norris

    #Scistuchat (cy-stew-chat) is a monthly Twitter Chat with scientists and high school students. Students and Scientists discuss general science topics once a month. Topics might include: genetically modified food, cloning, stell cell research and others, space exploration funding, evolution….
    The discussion takes place on the 2nd Thursday of the month Sept-May.


    The next one is on the human brain https://twitter.com/2footgiraffe/status/555920363494723584

    Lawrence NorrisLawrence Norris

    Teens love Vine. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vine_%28service%29

    Kids like Instagram, but they LOVE Vine. This science-y Vine went super-viral last year, https://vine.co/v/hjzA0whiMVu

    Vine video are 6 secs or less, and can be done pretty well. They loop continuously to the consumer. And they can be hashtagged. Again kids LOVE Vine.

    It is possible to create an RSS feed of Vine videos (i.e., videos posted to Vine) with a particular hashtag, e.g., #teenscicafe or whatever. Then there is a plugin that will automatically include those on a WordPress site, such at teensciencecafe.org on a widget on a page in the site.

    Likewise with Instagram. There are at least 2 good plugins where you can take Instagram feeds (say an account for each TSCN node) and post the photos onto a website automatically.

    So these things can be used by TSCN network to good end.

    Even Snapchat has good marketing and brand placement uses.


    It has its detractors for sure http://www.fieldhousemedia.net/its-time-to-stop-using-snapchat/. Though these arguments could be true for all 3rd-party social networks. Nevertheless I think TSCN could use as a marketing channel without fear of running afoul with any issues.

    Lawrence NorrisLawrence Norris

    How Are Teenage Students in a Private Christian School Using Social Media and What Are the Implications for Education? http://bit.ly/1z5ASKP

    Michael MayhewMichael Mayhew

    Here is the link to Nicole Gugliucci’s tutorial, “A Screenshot Guide to Google Hangouts on Air”…


    Lawrence NorrisLawrence Norris

    “It helped me do my science.” A Case of Designing Social Media Technologies for Children in Science Learning http://bit.ly/1zvsbbs

    Lawrence NorrisLawrence Norris

    Why Snapchat matters http://thehundreds.com/?post_type=post&p=227529

    It’s all about brand presence and using all the tools available to reach the target audience.

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