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    Michelle Hall

    Today Georgia Bracey, Howard Rutherford and I had a nice conversation about our three audiences in the network: Teens, Scientists, ISE professionals implementing the program.

    We discussed developing, implementing and researching the impact of a Teen Leadership guide for Teen Science Cafes. This tool would help new and existing sites better engage and support teen leadership development. We would evaluate the guide as a tool and conduct research on how the training and leadership experience impact the teens.

    We have evaluation data from 5 nodes that show teen leaders are being impacted differently than the audience, but their training and responsibilities are wide ranging across the nodes. It would be interesting to see whether a more formalized training that was designed to address specific elements of positive youth development would show greater impacts on the teens as leaders and overall as successful young adults.

    There could also be parallel research on the impact of the formalized training on the effectiveness of adult leaders.

    We also discussed research on our impact on scientists. While we have some information from our network in NM and we recently got a bit more from the case study report on two sites in the network, we do not have anything formal in the way we all prepare the presenters nor do we have a network wide means of gathering information on the impact of our program on scientists communication skills, attitudes about outreach, and impact of participating in the cafe on their own research.

    Lastly, we talked VERY briefly about better understanding the needs and behaviors of our members with regard to the network as a whole. This research could look at interconnectivity of members on a number of levels from sharing ideas and resources, to mentoring, to collaborations beyond the network.

    These are just a few lines of investigation we might consider. Please comment on these and add your own ideas.

    Also, if you would like to be part of a group interested in pursuing research on the TSCN, complete this doodle poll to join in our next video conversation.

    Please fill it out doodle poll NOW or ASAP, but before next Wednesday.

    Also ask to join the TSCN Dropbox which will be used to share articles and other documents about different lines of research.

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